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Mattering matters.

Integrated health is based on the “win-win-win”.  Win for the body, win for the mind, win for the emotions. All our parts work together and dis-ease reveals imbalances among these three aspects of people.

Our multi-faceted approaches are powerful and effective gateways to health and wellness with inviting inclusivity and ease.

The gateway to wellness begins here.

Managing stress is critical, it’s now proven that unresolved stress is the main source of more than 80% of all diseases.  Sitting IS the new smoking, but there’s so much more to it than just screen-time. 

All too often, people put their own needs to the back burner, and then are surprised to feel exhausted, depleted or sick. Productivity is made or broken with how much people care for themselves as they care about everything else. 

Self-care is self-preserving, and vital to a happy, satisfying career and life. Stop the self-neglecting patterns today, it’s your bottom-line to wellness. 

Integrative Bodywork

Immediate Stress Relief

Massage moves stuck energy with the help of the circulatory system. Massage brings awareness to what is “going on” in the body. Once people begin to notice, people begin to care. Caring leads to better health and wellness.

Lisa Lent is skilled and experienced in relieving chronic neck, lower back, and hip pain and muscular tension, migraines and tension headaches. Her therapeutic massage instantly reduces stress and anxiety, and alleviates chronic muscular pain.

Wellness Simplified

We are All Works In Progress

Integrative health education and advocacy is social, relational, mental, emotional, and physical wellness; they are all interdependent.

The body is, in fact, designed to heal itself and knowledge is power.  Exploring the integrative approach will empower and inspire the most lethargic and fatigued.

Our approach: setting compassionate and realistic expectations, while retraining the nervous system and muscle-memory that allows for an aligned life! 

Lisa Lent, LMT, GFI, CNC

Lisa is a dedicated health and wellness advocate.  Her somatic methods strengthen intuitive awareness which inspire self-care and self-preservation. 

Lisa’s serves by helping people have more fun and tune-in, leading how to make themselves a priority. She reveals that in this life, how you feel actually matters most of all. The best life starts there and your wellness radiates out to benefit all.

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