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How we feel actually matters most.

Integrative health is based on the “win-win-win”.  

Win for the body, win for the mind, and win for the emotional guidance system. 

These three aspects work together; dis-ease reveals imbalances. We can learn to understand the symptoms of imbalances through insight with slight adjustments to daily life with the simple awareness methods we teach.  These multi-faceted approaches are powerful and effective. 

The gateway to wellness begins here.

“The body speaks, listen.” 

Managing stress is critical, it’s now proven that unresolved stress is the main source of more than 80% of all diseases.  Sitting IS the new smoking, but there’s so much more to it than just screen-time.  Self-care has become essential in the work-place, otherwise, burnout, chronic pain, fatigue and illness are inevitable. All too often, people put their own needs to the back burner, and then are surprised to feel exhausted, depleted or sick. Productivity is made or broken with how much people care for themselves as they care about everything else. 

Self-care is self-preserving, stop the self-neglecting patterns today, it’s your bottom-line to a satisfying life. 

Integrated body work

Instant Tension Relief

Lisa Lent is skilled and experienced in relieving chronic neck, lower back, and hip pain and muscular tension, migraines and tension headaches. Her CLOTHED CORPORATE MASSAGE TREATMENTS immediately reduce stress, anxiety, and chronic muscular pain for your hardworking team.


Integrative fitness

For Those Who Hate To Exercise

The Intuitive Movement Integration Method (IMIM) guides people to effortlessly release energetic blockages, while learning tips and tricks to integrate self-care into your daily grind.

The Intuitive Movement Training Method is designed to be quickly integrated at home and work.


Simplifying self-care

Substantial Steady Growth & Progress

Our innovative approach: Gently re-programming neural pathways and muscle-memory to allows for LIFESTYLE ALIGNMENT!  Our premise: Kindness trumps criticism. 

The body is the gateway to inner-awareness. 

Asian-Inspired clothed therapeutic massage sessions strengthen the connection between body and mind. Releasing tension and triggering the relaxation response in the body revitalizes creating new, self-care habits. 

Bringing training to your team, group workshops and 1:1 consultations at home or in office (virtual or live). 

This integrative approach empowers and inspires the most lethargic and fatigued.  The body is designed to heal itself, our programs provide the tools to unlock the power.  

Integrative health education and advocacy is a social movement. Supporting individuals, teams, and society at large. Merging relational, mental, emotional, and physical wellness, because they are all interdependent. 

Lisa Lent, LMT, GFI, CNC

Lisa is a dedicated health and wellness advocate.  Her simple and innovative methods strengthen self-awareness which inspires self-care and self-preservation to achieve a satisfying, healthful existence. 

By keeping it real, Lisa helps people have more fun and get “tuned-in” to their physical bodies, stopping self-neglect.  She reveals that in this life, how you feel actually matters most of all. The best life starts there and your wellness radiates out to benefit all.

Since 2016, Lisa has blended her skills, personal life experience and education to provide accessibility of wellness in a relaxed, inclusive style. Click on “Learn More” to see more of her background.