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True wellness is the real “win-win-win”.  

Win for the body, win for the brain, and win for the emotions, in sync. 

These three aspects work together and dis-ease reveals imbalances. Knowledge and awareness is powerful and effective. 

The gateway to wellness begins here. Become your own health advocate today with the right support for you.

Personalized health, in alignment with all you are.

Today, managing stress is vital since unresolved stress is the main source of more than 80% of all diseases.  Sitting IS the new smoking, but there’s so much more to it than just screen-time, it’s self-neglect.  Self-care is now essential in and beyond the work-place, otherwise, burnout, chronic pain, fatigue and illness are inevitable. 

All too often, people put their own needs to the back burner, and then are surprised to feel exhausted, depleted or sick. 

Self-care is self-preserving, stop the self-neglecting patterns today, it’s your bottom-line to a fully satisfying life. I will show you how.  It requires less effort than you may think, but commitment is key. Are you ready to take your wellness seriously?

nutrition upgrade


It’s About Time to Feel Better

Whether Omnivore, Paleo, Keto, Vegan or Vegetarian, et cetera, using an integrated approach to nutrition, I focus on healing lethargy, sluggishness, low immunity, by restoring  hormonal balances directly through customized nutrition. 

What you consume is the foundation to wellness. 

Support is vital to success in almost every aspect of life. No one can make lifestyle changes alone without accountability. Lisa’s no-pressure communication style will make you feel at ease with the goals you have while allowing you to feel more at peace with where you are today. #babystepstowellness #kindnessovercriticism 

Are you ready to invest in the wealth of your wellness?

Specializing in providing support and workshops for teams as well as 1:1 mentorship.

Alignement through Effortless exercise

For Those Who Hate To Exercise

The Intuitive Movement Integration Method (IMIM) guides people to effortlessly release “stuck” physical energy, this fun and gentle technique teaches invaluable tips and tricks that will engrain self-care into your daily grind.

The Intuitive Movement Training Method is designed to be used at home and work, no videos, no gym, just fun with building self-awareness and boosting mood. #threesongs #animatedbreath #embodiment 


personalized wellness

Overcome Self-Neglect & Self-Betrayal

Our premise: Kindness over criticism. The importance of compassion is key in growth. Punishment hasn’t worked for you yet (consistently), right? 

Gently re-wire your nervous system and muscle-memory upgrading YOU into who you want to become.  Overcome self-neglect with the clarity of self-prioritization. My support will show you how by working with where you are and your preferences, not a generic business formula.

This approach is empowering.  All of our programs provide the tools to unlock the power of the body to heal itself.  

Integrative health education and self-care advocacy is also a social movement. Supporting individuals, teams, and society at large. This is the place where we merge global, relational, mental, emotional, and physical wellness, because they are all interdependent. 

Bringing training to your team, group workshops and 1:1 consultations at home or in office (virtual or live). 


“This has been an amazing experience for our clients. They look forward to class every week!”  

-Melissa Gray, McCall Center, Torrington, CT


“It definitely helped relax me and taught me how to ground myself.”

-Lahliegh H, class participant 


“Lisa is very knowledgeable and her group is well rounded. From dancing and stretching, to meditation and chakra alignment, you get an amazing experience. Never pushed past our limits, but always encouraged to try something new, I truly enjoyed this class and finally got comfortable with myself and dancing!” 

– Kristina Janssen, Hanson House



Lisa B. Lent
Personalized Wellness Mentor

Lisa is a dedicated to providing true wellness to those ready to take full responsibility to their health.  Her simple and innovative methods strengthen self-awareness which inspires self-care and self-preservation to achieve a satisfying, health-full existence, reducing dis-ease in the body, brain, and heart.  She is a powerful empowerment mentor, providing her signature low-impact fitness and alignment method, customized nutrition programs, and heart-centered support.

By supporting your own accountability, Lisa assists you in having more fun, getting “tuned-in” to your physical body, eliminating the tendency for self-neglect.  Lisa reveals that in this life, how you feel actually matters most of all. The best life starts there and your wellness radiates out to serve everyone else from there. You can only give from a full cup, not an empty one, or burnout, exhaustion, and sickness result.

Since 2014, Lisa has blended her passion for growth, skills, life experience and education to provide personalized wellness in a relaxed and relatable way.