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The gateway to wellness begins with belief. 

Alignment (Ergonomics & Body Mechanics) | Nutrition (Rational Guidance) | Support (Development & Growth)

Our beliefs dictate our inner health. When our beliefs can transform, our inner health transforms naturally.   

Health is alignment. It begins with our mindset and our beliefs.

Serving corporations in their wellness programs for employees to improve wellbeing and health while reducing business costs and reaching their business goals. We help your team change their habits and improve behavior by giving them strategic tools for a growth mindset. 

Our approach helps people feel better and do better. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Awareness is key. Accountability is crucial.  

Today, managing stress with physical movement and alignment is vital since unmanaged stress is the source of more than 80% of diseases.  Sitting IS the new smoking, but there’s so much more to it than just screen-time, it’s self-neglect.  People put their own needs to the back burner for years and decades leaving them feeling exhausted, depleted or with chronic illnesses. Burnout, chronic pain, fatigue, disorders and illnesses are inevitable without self-care. 

Self-care is not selfish!  Self-care is self-preservation, essential to productivity, engagement and fulfilment. 

Maybe you have failed meeting your goals with other methods and modalities. Perhaps it’s time to try a completely different approach. Kindness will get you more results than condemnation.  Office culture morale is the (other) bottom line!  

Relieve chronic pain and stress. Remedy low team morale. 

These highly customized programs are an integral guide to your success. 

Make your health and wellness goals a reality.

Lisa B. Lent
Complete Wellness
Coach & Consultant

Lisa is a dedicated to helping teams of people meet their health goals. Her practical, rational and innovative methods strengthen awareness, the main driver to the phenomena of self-care.  Her body-mechanics training, her low-impact fitness and alignment method “IMI” (Intuitive Movement Integration), her powerful, yet compassionate nutritional guidance and growth support can deliver the tools needed to live a healthful and fulfilling life.

By supporting your commitment to accountability, Lisa assists in getting people “tuned-in” to their physical body, examining then eliminating negative beliefs and habits of behavior.  Her distinctive tools steadily increase awareness with her clients and clarify health goals, so that old, outdated patterns are replaced by new, “upgraded” health-supporting patterns and habits.

Since 2014, Lisa uses her skills, experience, training and  passion for growth to assist people in meeting their health goals. She knows that it begins with the BELIEF IN THE POSSIBILITY that it CAN BE. The power of belief can not be underestimated, living well starts now.