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health alignment happens

with investigation.

walking the talk

Lisa’s message is of wellness through awareness.  Her posture & body-mechanics methods support people who want healthier lives.  Using awareness techniques, she assists in the overcoming of old habits that hinder health and personal growth.  She gives people customized tools to “re-program” and establish new patterns that support physical, mental, and emotional health; reducing chronic pain and improving work morale and creating more life fulfilment, day to day and moment by moment. 

Re-program & restore wellness

Lisa Beth’s work utilizes the most recent innovations and understandings among the sciences of neurology, physiology and psychology.  The body is a sort of computer, needing to be re-set and re-programed results in upgraded functionality of the muscle-memory and nervous system, of which the brain is the CPU and CEO. A foundation to her approach is that the entire human body is designed to grow and regenerate until death, given one’s beliefs and actions. Her sole mission is to bring awareness to beliefs that fuel people’s choices using posture, ergonomics, and diet as the focal point for growing into better health and complete wellness.


“The class was amazing. Good to know there is a class for all shapes of people to participate in. Had a blast.” 

I truly enjoyed every second (of her massage) and am left yearning for more. It felt as if my unspoken desires were being received by Lisa and her hands intuitively and gratefully obliged! I am so grateful to be able to experience her precious gift! I look forward to my next session!”

“Thank you for your positivity and bright energy.”


“Fun to do, Lisa was an awesome teacher!”


“Self-esteem building”


“Ability to be self.”



“Judgement free zone.”


your life is your message. live it.

In 2009, Lisa Beth Lent began her education in Massage Therapy at New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, New York. Half of her education was in clinical human health education, and half in Chinese Medicine philosophy and her practice clearly reveals an integrated “east meets west” perspective.

Lisa Beth began specializing in chronic muscular pain and tension in treating the neck, back, and hips with her bodywork. She provided much relief to people with frequent headaches of all types in her massage career. In 2014, she began providing her posture and body mechanics focused fitness classes, the foundation of the class was her signature “Intuitive Movement Integration Method”.  In 2017, she became a certified group fitness instructor to teach people who are “exercise resistant” with her straight-forward fitness method.  She designed it specifically for “those who hate to exercise”, like she had always been.  

In early 2019, she attained her Nutrition Coaching certificate to better understand exactly how nutrition fuels physical health and to promote inflammation reduction as a vital aspect to growing wellness in people.  Also in early 2019, she began offering her integrative body-awareness education through workshops, presentations and one-on-one consulting to communities, teams, and organizations. 

Lisa Beth serves without the esoteric and exotic approaches from other cultures and modalities. Her style is direct and simple, not obscure or “out there”. 

Her path began with curiosity about her own chronic neck pain, headaches, stress and tension with an unwillingness to live on painkillers. Lisa also struggled with poor eating habits and slowly gained 50 pounds after quitting smoking in her early 30’s. Losing the weight only happened as she began to cultivate sensible guidelines for herself and overcame her unhealthy relationships to sugar and refined carbohydrates. Once she accepted herself as she was, she lost the weight. Lisa Beth’s life is of growth and curiosity, a journey of inspiration. Her first e-book is coming soon. 

After closing her private massage practice in early 2020, due to the COVID crisis, she started solely offering her educational consulting services to corporate clients, merging all her health knowledge and experience to serve groups and teams of people worldwide.

Taking the "woo-woo" out of wellness

Lisa graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy & Law in 1998. Her holistic education began as a hobby in 1995, focusing on organic farming practices and natural medicine seeking to find cures for her own chronic pain and discomfort.  Her journey from surviving to thriving makes her a leader in the relevance and growing scientific significance of natural and holistic health practices. 

(X-ray images are of her cervical spine in 2009 and her thoracic spine in 2018 of her own advanced osteoarthritis and scoliosis)