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be curious

Trust the process.

Reach out to have a conversation about integrative health and your particular circumstance. We’ll discover if we “get” each other and talk about what your needs are. I’ll show you what I can offer you. We will co-create a customized approach that feels good to you.

I may not be able to help directly, but I can send you in a direction that may bring a solution to your situation. 

No risk, no pressure, no sales, just curious exploration.

Be ready for a different approach to getting things accomplished! 


Align the body, align the life!

Physical alignment is the bridge to sensible embodiment and practical empowerment.

The methods to my madness are so simple they can’t be forgotten.

The foundations to wellness are rooted in body-awareness.

Overcome habits that hinder your health so that you can grow into your best self.

I train people how to take better care of themselves and live deeply satisfying lives by overcoming their barriers to their own health.


These are X-ray images of her cervical and thoracic spine showing her advanced osteoarthritis and significant scoliosis that caused her constant chronic pain for decades which she overcame with her alignment and awareness practices. 


Lisa Beth’s work exemplifies overcoming obstacles to health and she shares her strategies with those who are ready and resonate with her perspective.