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Meet your team’s need for pain-management, stress-release, body-mechanics and alignment training with innovative body-awareness methods, energy/body work and personalized health consulting.

Provide chronic pain relieving management to your team and see how health grows in their world. Physical alignment strategies improve sleep and vitality, resulting in better effectiveness, engagement and work-life satisfaction.  

“This class was amazing. Lisa is a fabulous teacher with compassion and sincerity. She truly cares about each one of us. She made me feel super comfortable and got me out of my comfort zone. I feel so much more grounded and centered, relaxed and healthy.” 

-Participant in Torrington, CT


Massage packages

Our exclusive, precise, and effective clothed table massage services will get your team to the next level of wellness to maximize your bottom line, enhancing morale and appreciation for all.  

The power of physical touch is now now a well known scientific fact. What many also need to know is how self-awareness and self-soothing is sharpened by receiving professional massage. 

body-Mechanics Training

Planting the seeds of awareness. 

Based on her Intuitive Movement Integration Method (IMIM), Lisa Lent works with individuals in their work spaces, teaching proper body mechanics, simple ergonomics, and self-care practices to get people unstuck.  Releasing energetic blockages, she offers many simple tips and tricks to “wire” self-care into the daily routine.

Her methods are designed to be quickly integrated. Once learned, you can’t unlearn them. The growth mindset is can be learned.

Educational, fun and fascinating for your team.

alignment education

Witness your energy levels skyrocket by integrating these “evolutionary” and aligning self-care practices, effortlessly.

Consulting in individual office spaces, presenting among a group, or at a team-building workshops and classes, the sensible posture improvement techniques improve physical alignment, reducing chronic muscular pain and restore a sense of life balance.

Health Alignment programs

Productivity is reflected by team and individual morale. Give your team health alignment and catapult team efficacy and engagement.

  • Pain-reducing and therapeutic clothed table massage.
  • 1:1 ergonomic and body mechanics training.
  • Alignment assessments, presentations and reporting.