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Matters of mattering.


Align the body, align the life.

how we feel actually matters most.
That's the bottom line.

Chronic tension and fatigue damage energy levels. By learning how to effortlessly integrate these self-care practices, witness your energy levels skyrocket!  First, you must believe it’s possible. Lisa reveals how it’s done with logic, fun, and sensibility.


Workshops are customized for every groups priorities, often include the following topics:

  • Integrative Wellness – What it is and why it matters.
  • Fitness – Barriers to exercise and re-defining fitness models.
  • Nutrition – A reasonable and realistic approach.
  • Stress – How to really deal instead of distract.
  • Alignment & Body Mechanics in Home and Office including Stretches on the go.
  • A Condensed IMI Class Demo. 
  • Q&A session.
  • After-Workshop table-massage package. 

Let us know the setting, size and special needs of your group and we will provide you with a perfectly customized wellness workshop package.


"We invited Lisa to run a Body Mechanics workshop for our Makery Coworking members. She was fantastic and engaging. She's a confident presenter who can communicate information and concepts well all while getting her audience engaged and literally up and moving. Highly recommend her as a speaker and wellness practitioner."
Tony V.
"I appreciate the demonstration on how to text. It made me realize I was reading books the wrong way!"
Cathy M.
“I actually began feeling a healing in my right shoulder, pain began to subside considerably as well as the arthritis in my fingers.”
Denise A.

Contact us for a consultation to provide Body Mechanics for your location.