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Self-Care Matters

Massage releases stuck and blocked energy, balancing the circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems. Massage brings conscious awareness to what is "going on" in the body. Once people begin to notice, people begin to care. Caring leads to better health and wellness.


Our exclusive, precise, and effective clothed table massage services will get your team to the next level of wellness to maximize your bottom line, enhancing morale and appreciation for all.  

Appreciate your staff by showing them that their wellness matters.

The power of physical touch is now now a well known scientific fact. What many also need to know is how self-awareness and self-soothing is sharpened by receiving professional massage. 

Massage is the easiest gateway to re-connect to the value of self-awareness. Too many people devalue their relationship to their body, as if it were not even an important aspect of themselves. Receiving relief of stress and tension in the body is ESSENTIAL to HEALTH in today’s stressful circumstances.  The bottom line, lowering stress is vital to preventing disease, preserving the health of your team is a win-win for everyone, including business performance.

Our safe, professional, and nurturing methods strive for providing the perfect pressure.  Truly therapeutic massage offers highly customized treatments to every individual, based on deeply listening and responding to the preferences of each person.

Lisa’s signature Swedish based and Asian-inspired massage is provided ON A TABLE (no clumsy, awkward massage chairs used).  Her table permits her to maximize her energy and optimize her body-mechanics. Massage chairs are comfortable for NO ONE! 

Wearing clothes on the table allows her to work her magic and serve a big team quickly, using pressure-based techniques, without the mess of massage emollients.  

Clients Are Talking

"She is gifted with knowing where to massage, and exactly how to treat it. She gives me relief like no one has before."
Bill W.
"Lisa finds those spots that ache... She's gifted."
Carolan D.

Our group massage packages include a “lunch-break”
Posture & Body Mechanics Workshop for your staff. 

Contact us for a consultation to provide group table massage for your location.