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The Body Speaks, Listen.

What we believe, we see. 

Believe it can be done. 

Change what you believe, see change. 

Believe it’s possible to feel drastically better and witness wellness “miracles”.  This is not done by magic, but by inner-focus. 

The methods and support we offer provides the inspiration and drive unlike any other, built on the foundation of “kindness over condemnation”.

The IMIM Experience: 

  • Boosts Body-Positivity & Self-Image
  • Processes Stagnated Emotional Blockages
  • Releases Repressed Emotions
  • Strengthens Boundaries
  • C-PTSD Repairing via Neural Pathways
  • Fun, Low-Impact Workout

Nutrition Counseling:

  • Personalized for any Dietary Preference
  • Inflammation Reducing
  • Simple & Empowering
  • Reasonable Pacing of Progress

Growth Processing Support:

  • Energy Alignment
  • Self-Care Cultivation Strategies & Goalposts
  • Satisfaction-Based Accountability

“The issue is in the tissue”, people hold their stored/unexpressed emotions inside the body. 

Safe and comforting release brings us back into balance.  The environment of warmth and compassion is vital to the process and Lisa provides it with ease.


"She understands the energetic field."
Bill W.
"Thank you for your positivity and bright energy."
Amber B.
"A fun way to combine exercise and dancing."
Jane D.
"Fun to do, Lisa was an awesome teacher!"
Karly W.
"Self-esteem building"
"Ability to be self."
"Judgement free zone."
Ally S.


The powerful yet gentle, Intuitive Movement Integration (IMI) is a somatic and dance movement therapy that builds upon self-awareness and non-judgement.  IMI releases stored tension and provides a comforting and safe space to process surfacing energetic repressions. Develop a stronger mind-body connection, build more self-trust, express more, repress less. 

Wellness support

  • Physical Embodiment with Ease & Pleasure
  • Alignment & Emotion Awareness Building
  • Simple & Practical Nutrition Education