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INVESTing IN well-full-ness

integrated wellness strategies

accompliSH your goals

Private 1:1 Health Alignment & Empowerment thru Embodiment Training

– Posture & Embodiment Training

– Sensible and Practical Nutritional Coaching

– Integrated Empowerment & Calm

Customized support curtailed to your own unique needs and goals. 

Schedule a 20-30minute Clarity Call today. No pressure, no obligation. 

Wellness Alignment Workshop and Presentation for Events & Conventions

This interactive workshop is customized to to meet your team wellness goals of body-mechanics, best alignment practices, sensible nutrition, stress management and well-being, customized to your team or group needs. 

Virtual or On-Site. 

Rates vary by presentation length and group size. Schedule a call or email to inquire for details. 

Corporate Coaching & Consulting in Wellness Alignment, Body-Mechanics & Best Ergonomics Training

  • 1:1 & Group On-site and Virtual Presentations, Consultations & Assessments 
  • Metrics & Feedback Reporting 
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Ongoing Support

Virtual or On-Site. Rates vary by group size. Schedule a call or email to inquire for details. 

Video or Phone:
Clarity Call
15-30 minutes 

Explore if is the right path for your needs. 

Define goals & metrics for success. 

No pressure, no obligation, no guilt, no shame.