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Personal Wellness Training
& Health Leadership

Offering complete health education of mind, body, and heart through physical alignment, sensible embodiment, and practical empowerment methods for individuals in need, as well as leading organizations and corporations who care. Lisa Beth cultivates wellness, improves human performance, and life satisfaction with a compassionate viewpoint for human growth and development.

Utilizing morale boosting tools and training, while reducing stress, repetitive injuries and burnout in compassionate cultures. Improve physical function, body alignment and energetic vitality with the Intuitive Movement Integration method to achieve better physical alignment for body-positivity, confidence, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.

Neglecting your health while wishing it were better is no-win situation. Learn to tend to your health using a sustainable pace and you’ll reap the rewards of a steady growth mindset in nutrition and activity that won’t shock the system. No more yo-yo diets or exercise regimens. The guidance and support here is kind instead of condemning and will get you further than you know.  

We train people of all backgrounds and interests how to integrate body-awareness techniques that enhance all three primary functions of a person; the physical, mental, and emotional through innovative activity, mindset awareness, and customized nutrition. These approaches balance all hormones, regulate circulation, and tone the nervous system, all vital to fulfilment and quality of life.

Our education teaches that all aspects of being human have great significance to the condition of our health. We make it all make sense, and reveal how practical health and wellness is best not only for individuals, but teams, big businesses, and the world at large. Healthy people function better, that’s the bottom line. 

“Lisa is an awesome teacher and creates a judgement-free zone. I appreciate her bright energy and down-to-earth positivity.” -Audience Participant

Feel Better.
Work Better.
Live Better.

“This helped me free myself, build my self-esteem and learn that I wasn’t alone.” -IMI Method Participant

Reach out to have a conversation about integrative health and your particular circumstance. No pressure, no sales pitch, only exploration. If LisaBeth can’t assist directly, she will have some recommendations on where the next step might be. 

Be ready for a different way of accomplishing your goals! 

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