Her work exemplifies overcoming obstacles to health. She shares her strategies with those who resonate with her perspective and are ready to trust the process of growth and health restoration.

Her alignment and awareness practices originated to alleviate her own stressful discomfort and pain. These techniques worked to resolve her own painful physical, mental, and emotional struggles and for many others since 2016. She continues to share it with  dedication, helping people resolve their pain and recover their wellness.

Below are X-ray images of her cervical and thoracic spine showing LisaBeth’s advanced osteoarthritis and significant scoliosis which caused her constant chronic pain for the first four decades of her life. 

Walking her talk, LisaBeth has learned and shares how alignment of the physical body aligns one’s entire life to health and wellbeing. She’s been teaching about sensible embodiment and practical empowerment through her presentations, coaching, and Intuitive Movement Integration (IMI) method since 2016. Since 2011, she’s been in the health and wellness field, working as a therapeutic massage therapist and developing her method.

Her simple approach to wellbeing is beneficial to beginners as well as experienced people on their health journeys. Her lessons stick using simple techniques to elevate one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, improving physical posture, nutrition and self-awareness as part of the process. 

Accountability is the foundation of success, as LisaBeth guides your learning and growth with understanding and realistic motivation. Overcoming old habits that hinder your health is the key to growing into the real you that lies dormant underneath outdated beliefs and routines. LisaBeth trains people in caring for themselves to have more deeply satisfying lives with fun, laughter, and compassionate honesty.

be curious

Trust the process.

“Reach out to have a conversation about integrative health and your particular circumstance. We’ll discover if we “get” each other and talk about what your needs are.  We will co-create a customized approach that feels good to you.”

Even if LisaBeth may not be able to help directly, she can recommend a direction or resource that may bring a solution to your situation. 

No risk, no pressure, no sales, just curious exploration.

Be ready for a different approach to getting things accomplished!